Can We share something exciting with you?

We love helping every day landlords avoid PROBLEM tenants and find JOY in owning rental properties!

And... We are creating the space to show YOU how to:

-- Avoid Bad Tenants

--Learn to Manage Your Rental from ANYWHERE in Less than 15 Mins/Day!!

--Get Fast (and Accurate!) Answers for Day-to-Day Questions

-- TRANSFORM Your Rental into a Simple, PROFITABLE Business!

We didn't always know so much about property management.

When we FIRST got into property management, we didn't exactly have a plan.

"Property management is EASY!" we thought.

"We're agents: we already know all the laws!  This will be so SIMPLE!"

We were SO sure.

Until it wasn't.

Until we realized THE HARD WAY that there is a MASSIVE GAP in what we thought we knew...

...and what we ACTUALLY knew. 

That was eight years ago.

Now we have created a system that we have used to help landlords avoid problem tenants, consistently bring in top rents and reduce their risk without feeling exposed….and we have helped literally THOUSANDS of landlords on their way to building a lifetime of equity.  

And we're making our system available to YOU for the first time ever!

For years, we have watched independent (well intentioned!) landlords rent to PROBLEM tenants, make MISTAKES with their rentals....and get themselves into HOT (expensive!) water ...

...making the same EASY TO AVOID mistakes over and over again.

We may have learned the ropes THE HARD WAY, but YOU don't have to.

STOP making costly mistakes like....

...renting to BAD tenants...
...allowing damage to your property...
...not knowing what to do when a tenant stops paying rent...
...wondering how to protect your rights...
...not knowing what REPAIRS to make (and which NOT to make!)...
...wondering about SMART upgrades to make....

..and MANY more mistakes we've watched well-intentioned landlords ACCIDENTALLY make over the years that cost them thousands of dollars - or in a worst case - tens of thousands of dollars!! 

So we literally asked ourselves: 

How can we help landlord STOP making these simple everyday missteps...

...and START making MORE $$ from their rentals!?

As quickly and painlessly as possible?!!

(Cuz we KNOW you don't want to read that tiny font 120 page document on tenants rights....!)

As you can imagine... We have answered thousands of questions from independent landlords like YOU...

So we want to offer you an easy-to-understand and implement ROADMAP  
 so you can...

--Avoid Problem Tenants 
--Learn to Manage Your Rental from Anywhere Using Our Method
-- Get Bite size Do's and Don'ts for DIY Landlords 
--Make More Money with Your Rental
--See RESULTS in Less Than 15 Mins/Day!

A BONUS (Optional) Monthly Membership that will:
--Give you access to experts like attorneys, credit experts

 --$$ Making Resources (like Top CPA Tricks for Rentals) 


Support building a lifetime of equity while managing your property from anywhere: easily, profitably and like a PRO!

And that’s why we’d love to extend an early invitation to you. We want you to be part of this.

Sign up HERE to get on the WAITLIST to learn more about our flagship course.

So what are you waiting for?!

We can't wait to have you on the LIST for our LIMITED BETA LAUNCH!!  

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